Harmony of Elements

Recently I was looking at Bob Dornberg's website, a very prolific artist who creates some great figurative-impressionistic type paintings. He mentioned something very interesting on his website...

"He believes that an artist must study the ELEMENTS that make a work great. The ELEMENTS include: relationships of objects, shapes, lines, spaces, and colors. Also key are: rhythm, which is established by repetition; balance, which is accomplished by all parts being essential and complementary. Study of these elements occurs whenever an artist reviews anyones work, including his own. One must learn from review and still remain free to explore. While subject matter is important, focus must remain on the ELEMENTS above, and subject matter must remain subservient."

     18 x 14 acrylic on canvas  $90

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  1. Isn't it nice to be surrounded by people who love YOU unconditionally, but aren't afraid to tell you exactly what they think and help keep you grounded? LOL

    I rarely show my writing to my husband; he may be the ONLY person whose criticism would sting. I appreciate his objective edits - he can correct my typos any day. But I think I prefer not to have subjective criticism from him. Fortunately, he's a wise man and seems to understand this; he never asks to read anything until I'm ready to show it to him (like, after it's been published).


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