Two on a Beach

18 x 24 oil on canvas.  Sold.

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  1. whats up todd, this is Alvyn from Barefoot Coffee

    I been busy lately so I just got a chance to check out your stuff, pretty cool! I'm messaging you on your blog since yahoo mail just got hacked, you should chack your account to see if you can still log in.

    we have an opening in september or october if you are interested to hang.
    I especially dig your representational pieces, and some of your more narrative abstract pieces. I went rhough the first half of your blag and the pieces that stood out to me are:
    2 on a beach
    kronborg castle
    posidons fury
    ahh the memories
    base harbor lighthouse
    elise and ben
    koi pond
    escape plans

    anyway cool work and i'll send you another email once September rolls around

    stay well



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