Kandinsky Inspired

This painting is something new for me, one inspired by the techniques of Wassily Kandinsky.   Previously I’ve not really ventured too far into trying to imitate the style of a famous artist.  But once getting into this it was really interesting to study his more geometric paintings and try to understand what he was trying to achieve and how he did it.   Initially I saw nothing but chaos but after struggling to create my own interpretation of his style (not all these shapes appear in his paintings) I came to believe that he was striving to achieve a delicate balance of color and shape using a wide range of colors and many different lines and shapes.    I think it’s easy to over-do a painting like this (my weakness); It’s a delicate balance between not enough and too much.  Now, finally after 3 weekends, on to something else!   22 x 28 inches oil on canvas.

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