I don't like the color black.

Here's a bit of a disclaimer.  I'm not an expert at color but I am definitely finding that the differnce between an amateur painting and a more professional one must definitely include attention to details like color.   Now to the point... I don't like using black.  I don't see the color in nature very much and so when I use black in a painting, it looks un-natural.  It's like a shortcut color to get a dark value effect on a painting.  But I think it's a bit too much of a shortcut, especially for landscapes.  Even the night sky is not really true black but perhaps more of a very dark blue + brown.   Paintings with deep blues and deep browns feel richer and more interesting to me.  That said, I don't doubt the power of grays.  It think a master painter will typically be a master of using gray.  It provides those subtle variations that really are in nature but are difficult to observe.

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